Back to the roots

Starting from the classics to create new basics. Read tradition in a modern key, focusing on sustainability.

We feel the need of starting over and reinvent ourselves now more than ever. Revisiting the classics and technological processes development have allowed us to define the new basics.

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Take it easy

White cloth and imagination; the perfect combination open to creativity.

Natural woven, vintage charm, laces, embroideries and imperfect details define the re-starting point. Softness which allows us to recharge our energies, fabrics capable of changing with us.

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It’s all about stytle

Future and past are mixed together. The local style of different cultures is modernized by a bit of creativity. The folk takes over and the brightness is the master.

There is novelties desire but the fear of too much uncertainty lead us today to dare with the enrichment while keeping the basis solid. The alternation of geometric patterns, floral, camouflage make our prints and jacquard the perfect starting point.

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Just a little further

It’s all about courage. Technologies, novelties, innovations outside the box. Open the mind to a new future.

At a time when everything seems to have stopped, reality interfaces with digital giving birth to innovation. Technologies and original techniques create extraordinary products.

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